12, 824

Today is the 12,824th day of my life. After celebrating my 35th birthday recently, I considered how different my life is at 35 than I thought it would be. I thought I’d still be at that tech company. I thought I’d have finished my book. I thought I would have figured out how to get through 60 days of Insanity DVDs so I’d have killer “before and after” photos (who was i kidding–there’s no way I’m posing for the “before”). I thought I’d be a better rapper by now (yet the eye-rolling on my team whenever I bust a rhyme confirms I am not!). I thought I’d be someone’s wife. I thought I would be a mother. I was wrong about all of it.

But a lot of unexpected things happened. I never thought I’d see India, Cambodia or Thailand. Or hug a courageous human trafficking survivor and hold her adorable son in my arms. Or live in both Washingtons. Or lose my potty mouth (Praise God). Or go to a traveling air circus. Or visit a movie set. Or experience pure, unconditional love from a family I just met. Or spend 5 weeks in an RV on the Underground Railroad with 3 others; working 21 hour days and letting go of my prissy tendencies—all in the name of ending slavery. I never thought I’d meet Kelly–the friend who turned my life upside down when she asked “Where’s Jesus in all of this talk about God?” I never thought I’d develop a heart for Africa. Or hear my best friend from childhood (who was adopted) tell me she found her birth parents. I never thought I’d have numerous divine appointments on airplanes that have blessed and quieted my soul. Or stare someone deeply evil right in the eyes. Or be moved to tears as I witnessed people living below the poverty line in a small American town do something incredibly generous that they could not afford to do. Or get so much joy out of being an aunt to three cute boys—even if I do have to clean poop out of the tub :-).

So, one of the sweetest things I’m learning right now is that God’s plan is better than our own. If any of you reading this are discouraged right now, I hope you will hold on to that.

As for this last year, work was definitely a highlight again. My colleagues collaborated with local law enforcement to rescue more than 1600 people from violence, assist 2000 others with aftercare, and convict more than 100 violent criminals. Our work continues to expand, and as a result, we’re on track to realize our vision–to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible.

Personally, I’ve spent some great time with family and had many fun firsts. Dating is both hilarious and annoying. I’ve developed some great friendships that I cherish. I’m learning that it’s best to face the complex state of my heart rather than downplay it. And just to keep me humble and reliant on God, my year closed out with a nice dose of rejection and the realization that when you waste time, there are consequences. The good news is that faith, hope and love are not lost on me….even when pain creeps up.

My first 35 years have proven that can’t predict or control WHAT is in store for the future. And like I said, God’s plans are better than my own. So rather than try to control the WHAT, I’m eager to focus on the HOW I live the next 35+ years. Based on 12,824 days of mistakes, blessings and insights, here is a glimpse of some of HOW I aspire to live:

  • Never overlook reasons to be thankful
  • Laugh (and rap!) a lot more
  • Stop wrestling with God
  • Move through the pain vs. drown in it
  • Remember that it sometimes is better to be practical than romantic
  • Focus on making someone else’s day vs. my own
  • DANCE—for goodness sake, dance!!!!
  • Remember to balance out that work/personal life scale
  • Stop beating myself up for not being perfect—and instead accept God’s grace
  • Fully embrace my singleness vs. sneer at it
  • Give up high heels—they may make me look taller and thinner, but they hurt and I’m tired of hemming my pants. And I’m discovering that there’s freedom in realizing that He designed me to be me, not someone else 🙂

~ by amylucia on February 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “12, 824”

  1. Great Post.. keep writing. Miss you around here Amy!! 🙂

  2. friend…i can’t even describe how proud i am of you. and can i just state for the record that i feel like i hardly know the woman who wrote this post? she’s so grown up! and smart! and i could learn a lot (more than i already have) from her! miss you dearly…

  3. Awesome blog…… Straight from the heart!! Very inspirational…… But then again….. You’ve always inspired me!! It takes a very special person to do what you do each day!! Love ya!!!!!

  4. Yay. Let’s go dance. 🙂

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