Here, the other side of the world and everything in between…

It’s been a busy four months since my last blog. In March, I traveled to Cambodia and Bangkok for work.  I had to be a “big girl” and fly across the world by myself—this was my first 25 hour, one-way trek on my own, and—while ultimately uneventful—I was a little stressed about navigating my way around airports where English was not the first language. By the way—the bathrooms in the Seoul, Korea airport are the cleanest airport bathrooms I’ve ever seen.

During my trip, I again saw the gut-wrenching sadness of human trafficking up close, but also got an amazing glimpse of hope as I 1.) got closer to the work of my brave colleagues  who devote their lives to making freedom possible and 2.) met amazing people from organizations that are working to provide a safe, happy future for former victims.

I also had the opportunity to spend time on the set of a really well-done movie called Trade of Innocents (which will likely come out this winter) about human trafficking starring Dermot Mulroney, Academy Award Winning Actress Mira Sorvino, Trieu Tran, John Billingsley and other great actors.  Being on set was cool—I have a new appreciation for how complex it is to make a movie—there are so many moving parts. I also have a new appreciation for actors—it was amazing to see how (seemingly) easy it is for them step in and out of character on set—they are truly gifted. All of the actors and people involved with the film were friendly and talented.  But my favorite memories include the time I spent with executive producers and their friends/family (who were so generous and treated me like family), as well as my meeting with Dermot Mulroney—I really appreciated how approachable, down to earth and cool he was—and he also gets points for buying me a latte since I didn’t have my wallet.  I unexpectedly got to be an extra in the movie, so I was bragging about how cool I was until the Director reminded me “you didn’t make it until final cut yet.” Fair LOL.  I’ll let you all know soon if I’m in it —but either way, you should put this movie on your “must see” list when it comes out. 

Since returning from Southeast Asia, my workload has been pretty hectic. As a result, I decided to step out of a work trip to Africa which was scheduled for this week—super bummed about that. God continues to break my heart for Africa, and I need to get visit our field offices, so I’m really hoping I can still make it work somehow in 2011.

Although work is hectic (in a good way), I’ve been trying to live a “balanced” and normal life….back to my routines, etc.  So in some ways, I don’t have anything exciting to share. Outside of work, here are the most “exciting” things I’ve been thinking about these days:

  • Why is it that I’ll do just about anything to avoid going to the grocery store?
  • How does Invisalign actually work (now that I have it for the next few months)?
  • The frozen yogurt is “fat free”, but am I being deceived into thinking it’s healthy for me?
  • How does GE not lose money if their energy efficient light bulbs are ~$14 and last 5 years in comparison with a 4-pack that is $4 and each lasts a few months? The math isn’t working for me. But then again, I’ve never been very good at math. Where are Ipek, Greg and Erik when I need them?
  • How many times can I get to Charleston to see my nephews this summer?
  • When is my sister Kim going to move back to the east coast?
  • Why do guys only seem to express interest when I’m “all gross” from my workout?
  • When are they going to invent a device that can “beam” someone to a location instantly so they don’t have to take an airplane?  
  • Why is it so humid in D.C. and why—with all the technology in the world—haven’t they invented hairspray that protects my locks from frizzing out?

Although my life has been pretty “normal”, there have been lots of reasons to smile lately. Here are the top 10:

10. My new Windows Phone 7 is on the way—wohoo!

9.    I managed to visit Cambodia without seeing a Tarantula or bringing one home in my suitcase

8.   My mom is about to take a trip with her husband that she’s always wanted to take

7.   My friend Alex from work just got married—she is so happy!

6.   My friends Austin and Theresa got engaged and are getting married in Seattle in July!

5.    I’ve made quite a few new friends recently

4.    One very important thing hasn’t changed in my life.

3.   My friends Eric and Marisa had an adorable baby boy named Kiah!

2.   My childhood friend Melanie—who was adopted—was reunited with her birth parents after 35 years!

1.   On  a scale of 1 to 10—10 being best—this blog entry is only a 3AT BEST, but you read it all the way through anyway

Happy June, my friends! And don’t forget to wear sunscreen.  

P.S. Clint and Mary you need to take me on the boat when I come to Seattle—pretty please?  PS bring the good chips! J


~ by amylucia on June 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Here, the other side of the world and everything in between…”

  1. you never called me back you goose. and kiah is excited to meet auntie amy!!

  2. Dream come true….I made your blog by name. It honestly has been a dream of mine!

  3. Chica I will help you do math anytime…just a call away 😉 And i am in the same boat as Austin – made your blog by name – big day 🙂

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