My Life in 140 Characters or Less…

In my last blog entry, I promised that my next post would share fun insights as I attempt to navigate the social media realm. However, I’ve just spent a good part of last week tweeting alongside of colleagues and IJM supporters in a Twitter competition sponsored by a national publication, so I’m about “Twittered” and “Tweeted” out for a while.” As much as I’m tempted to tell you some seriously crazy stories, sharing all of my fun social media stories will take too much energy. And my hands still haven’t recovered from all of the tweeting, so I’m not up for much typing today. But in the spirit of honoring my commitment to make this a social media-related entry, I’m going to update you on my last 35 days in 140 characters or less per update (i.e. Twitter style):

  • “Grocery store is insane—had to hide in the diaper isle again.”
  • “Broke into Jim’s house with Kirk—good times.”
  • “Got promoted to VP of Global Communications for IJM—pls pray 4 wisdom in leadership.”
  • “Great trip to Charleston to visit w/my sisters, nephews, brother IL, dad and stepmom.”
  • “TYPICAL–locked keys in the car @ a gas station somewhere in NC–thankful for the nice gas station lady & customer guy who helped me.”
  • “Looked in the closet, under the bed and in my car, but still can’t find my husband. J/K—not really looking.”
  • “Great to have Jamie in town for work for a few days–sisters are fun roommates.”
  • “My awesome team at IJM wants me to blog about them—does this count?”
  • “Fun walk with my dad—lovely conversation.”
  • “Question that made me LOL this month—Are you THIS Christian when you meet guys?”
  • “Visit from Mom—lots of quality time, laughs and good conversation.”
  • “Haven’t found a church to call home yet—grateful for online and online in the meantime.”
  • “Tried to make another home-cooked meal—disaster. Takeout Thai now on speed dial.”
  • “INSPIRED: IJM’s annual Global Prayer Gathering to pray for our investigators/field staff, casework and clients
  • “Something died in my refrigerator and I’m afraid to go in there, so I’m just not using it right now (probably the Thai)”
  • “Excited that my Microsoft friends will be in town for WPC in July!”
  • “My beloved friend and boss, Pamela, is engaged! YAY!”
  • “3 months later–still haven’t unpacked all of my boxes yet—though I dread it, I think it’s about time.”
  • “I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. WHAT’S UP W/ALL THE POTHOLES IN DC?”
  • “So thankful that God is good—even when I’m being a brat.”
  • “Next blog = everyday heroes that I’m proud to know…guaranteed to inspire you.”

~ by amylucia on April 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “My Life in 140 Characters or Less…”

  1. As always, I enjoy reading your blog:) My favorite line was the “can’t find the husband” one:) PRETTY FUNNY, AMY:) Congrats on the VP promotion…’s well deserved:) Seems like to me that you are blessed in many ways. Keep smiling and I will see you soon…..and please don’t try to cook anything while I am on my way to DC, I don’t mind going out:) jk….love ya Amy!

  2. You don’t eat Thai just like fish…

  3. “My awesome team at IJM wants me to blog about them — does this count?” –> No. Our sheer awesomeness cannot be condensed into 140 characters.

  4. Ha! That was great! Congrats on your promotion that is wonderful. I am so glad you are settling in and feeling more at home now in DC. It really is a beautiful city. Pam and her family and me and my whole family are coming down the weekend of June 5th so if you are in town maybe we can all see you? I learned how to make my cell phone obey and the number is 908-787-4155 Juan’s cell is 908-413-3121 and our home is 908-272-5689 for your address book. I am blogging too now and you can check it out at whew! You would think that with all this that I would be on the computer all the time but really I only have time for about an hour a day if even. I am so glad you are working for an organization that helps stop human trafficking. Our organization at New York City Relief I am sure operates in a simular fashion. What is the web site for your org? I would love to look at it. You can e-mail me at Is that enough contact info or what!!! Here is one more for you… until you find a church go to our church online at Aussie Dave is the online campus pastor and is pretty cute if you like the rocker type from Australia;) Anyways, talk to you soon and hopefully see you soon in June. Tell Jamie Kim and your mom I say Hi! Tracy:)

  5. You’re probably wondering how I’m reading all of your blogs in the middle of the work day. I’m actually home sick today, so this is fun, good reading. I’m sure you’ve checked it out, but I ended up at The Falls Church after a year of church hopping in the DC area. I mainly went to the Sunday evening service at Kairos and ended with an incredible community of friends there and great messages. I didn’t grow up in an Episcopal setting, but the liturgy and service styles grew on me and now I miss it very much. It seems like once you find a church you absolutely love, nothing ever quite compares. But hopefully you’ll find something as equally fulfilling with different character!

  6. my friend i miss you. we must skype soon!! (and we’re back!)

  7. Good list! Yes, DC potholes are outrageous; always have been and I feel they always will be. I go to an Episcopal Church in Georgetown (I started attending as a college student (yes, I actually went to Church during college), so have been going for about 14 years now) – St. John’s Georgetown. Let me know if you’re ever interested in going; I go to the 11am service. If you’re ever in the mood for a home-cooked meal, you’re welcome to come over for dinner sometime!

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