Looking Up…

It’s so amazing what a difference a few weeks can make.  Things are definitely looking up due to joys from  incidents I’ll refer to as “my rescue”, my “recovery” and my “reunion”….and I am also trying to “look up” more too, thanks to a reminder I got during  a sermon I heard recently at Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC.

My Rescue

Like many women reliving their childhood dreams, I want be rescued from time-to-time. Actually that’s a lie–I always want to be rescued. After all, I’m 32 and do pretty much everything on my own.  So naturally, I want someone to show up in my life and save me from all of the junk I hate..like times of loneliness and struggle or even more horrible things like balancing the checkbook/paying the bills, doing anything that requires being organized and carrying heavy things. For #1, I know that rescue only comes from the Lord, and as I grow in my faith I continue to be more at peace with that. The second set of things requires human intervention–so I’m usually S.O.L. But not this time. In an unexpected turn of events, my father called me and told me he was coming to see me in DC. Knowing all of my things were in Seattle, he asked me what I needed. I told him it would be easier to tell him what I HAVE. “I have plastic silverware, plastic cups, sheets, a plunger (random I know but it was on the promotional end-cap and I always like to support the fellow marketers that go out of their way to win the impulse purchase) and towels.” I essentially had no pot to cook in, nothing to cook and nothing to clean with, but I did have my “super duper” (thats a Michelle Todd-ism) nice (NOT) furniture I rented. So my dad made the trek down to DC from Philadelphia and rescued me. He picked me up from work, met my colleagues and took me to a nice dinner. Then he took me to Bed, Bath and Beyond and helped me get the necessities (while carefully evaulating what would be cheaper at Costco or Target given I am on the new budget now 🙂 ) When we got back to my apartment, he surprised me with bags of stuff that he brought from home–a pot (love that removable strainer, Dad!), plates and glasses, a George Forman Grill and tons of other cool things. We then sat up and talked while he made his homemade meatballs and sauce so I could freeze it and have home-cooked meals whenever I want! He also took me to Costco (and got me me a membership!) and Target, assembled my special cart and the “as seen on TV” stick vaccuum I bought. And by the way, it was raining all weekend so he held the umbrella over me and made me wait inside the stores while he picked up the car. I know this is something all of you would do for someone you love so you may not think this is a big deal–but when you do everything by yourself all the time, you really come to appreciate even small doses of generosity like that. After my dad left, I realized it was the first time I felt truly settled in DC. Thanks Dad!

My Recovery

I also visited my sister Jamie, her husband and their 3 boys in Charleston for a weekend. I call this time period my recovery because I can’t think of anything more theraputic after times of stress than 1.) hanging with people I love 2.) being hugged (you never know what you are missing until you realize it has been weeks since you’ve been touched by someone) and 3.) being woken up to the sound of one of the cutest kids in the world saying “Aunt Amy–wake up and play with me!”.  The weather was great in Charleston and we all had a great time. Perhaps the most fun was sending Jamie and Jeff on a date while I had a “Lightening Party” (name chosen by Luca) with the boys. It started with us going to the store to buy all the “super fun” things we needed to have our party (like Halloween headbands picked out by Luca and Halloween cupcakes chosen by Matteo), and followed with dinner on special (Matteo-chosen) Spongebob plates, pumpkin decorating, streamer making, dancing and the evening favorite—tons of balloons all over the house which erupted into a 3-hour long indoor soccer game. I LOVE THOSE KIDS!

My Reunion

It turns out I needed to go to benefit dinners for work in LA and San Francisco, so I wrapped a trip to Seattle on the front-end. I was soooo excited to see all my friends (who came over for a happy hour that turned into a late-night shindig + a sleep over party with the fabulous Marisa!). I also was excited to sleep in my own bed—by the way–I LOVE that bed..it took me 2 years to perfect that bed’s level of softness (recipe=pillow top mattress+ featherbed but not with feathers+ plush mattress pad + high thread-count sheets + the right coverlet and duvet on top to make you feel snuggled in) and after sleeping on my rented mattress for a month in DC (did I tell you that to “protect” myself from all things rented, I wrapped it in a plastic shower curtain? It krinkles every time I roll over but I’m convinced it is stopping me from “renting” anything that doesn’t belong to me), I was so happy to be in my own bed. And just generally, being back in Seattle was great. I got to drive my car, visit my neighbor and meet her new baby, see the beautiful mountains, hang out with my friend Kelly, see my beloved friends from Microsoft including my former Business Manager, Michael..whose skills and “kinda funny” sense of humor I miss greatly in my new job. (Frannie I will upgrade you to “funny” if you stop saying that the only reason I miss you is because I don’t have anyone to be my “b_tch” anymore..it’s only partically true 🙂 ) I also got to see my sister Kim when I was in San Francisco for work. Even though our schedules didn’t permit much time together, she still made the 1.5 hour drive to come see me. We ate dinner, watched movies and hung out in my hotel…followed by a great breakfast and a nice conversation while she drove 45 minutes out of her way to take me to the airport.

Looking Up

In addition to circumstances looking up, I mentioned a great sermon I heard in Charleston that reminded me of the importance of “looking up” to the Lord in all circumstances . It was called “The Death of a Spirit-Filled Man” –was actually a pretty heavy message discussing scripture from the book of Acts. The pastor opened up by talking about a missionary that had been martyred in the Belgian Congo. His sermon had three basic principles:

  1. Spirit-filled people can find peace when others are in turmoil
  2. Spirit-filled people can see things that other people can’t
  3. Spirit-filled people see death differently than others do

I don’t want to give it all way to those who may decide to listen in, so I’ll just leave it at this. It made me think about what, if I died today, my life would have stood for. (it also made me think about how I always thought I was going to die before I turned 30 and how no one wanted to ride in the car with me when we were out celebrating the night before LOL..but I’m getting off track here…) Seriously, it made me think about why I embraced God’s call to DC–because I want to live a life that matters. So it made me wonder how much TRUE “looking up” I’m doing vs. looking down and around. Would I pass the test for being a “Spirit Filled” person? I’ve spent a lot of time looking around at my circumstances or hanging my head down because things weren’t going my way. I’ve acknowledged God’s presence throughout those times, but am I really seeing Jesus in all circumstances, knowing that THAT perspective changes everything? Have I REALLY sought and embraced God’s plan for my life? Have I served with the purpose of becoming holy vs. worrying so much about being happy? He has never let me down, so it was just a good reminder to keep focused on Him and His joy in all aspects of my life.

P.S. My blogs will always be a mix of light-hearted humor and serious stuff. I don’t believe in surface relationships so am assuming that all of you that are still following my blog , you are my real friends so can handle walking with me through drama, joy and even a little Jesus talk, regardless of what you believe. Thanks for walking with me. 🙂

P.S.S. I sold my house and the builder accepted my offer on a new one out here in DC. YAY! Thank you Lord!!!


~ by amylucia on November 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Looking Up…”

  1. WOOHOO!!!! loved our sleepover (can we do it again when you come back?) and am SUPER DUPER excited you are going to be here for thanksgiving :). and i love this “have i served with the purpose of becoming holy vs worrying so much about being happy” – fantastic reminder for me friend. i love you, am praying for you, and can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. Been checking out your blog entries tonight. Very cool. I’m a subscriber now. Welcome to the non-profit world! Come visit us in New Jersey. Tracy and I would love it.

  3. Hey! I am reading now too! Hoorraay! So fun and wonderful to be a part of what is happening in your life:) I will have to read back at more past blogs to figure out what is going on with your big move and all. I look forward to more. I am feeling great and so thankful for your prayers. I am in DC every 6 months or so visiting my grandparents so I would love to see you on my next visit. Take care, Love, Tracy:)

  4. Always good to read your blog. It has been a while and glad to know that you are settling in. Will see you in DC sometime. Was on the phone with Jeff when you walked by on “24” and he screamed a Hi!! Miss you at Microsoft!! Keep “looking up” to a SUPER DUPER journey ahead of you.. Wish you the best. Cheers.

  5. Glad everythink is looking up =)!

  6. love you sister! so grateful to have had the time with you…no matter how brief. so proud of you and happy you are on this journey and are sharing it with all of us.

  7. Congrats on a.) selling you SEA house b.) buying one in DC (you’ll have to let me know where and c.) finally starting to settle in. Eventually, we’ll have to grab lunch or coffee or something. I’ll keep reminding you, I’m only a phone call away and a very short drive (depending on DC traffic, which you probably haven’t experienced yet – it can take over an hour to go 7 miles)

  8. love your blogs amy!!! glad to see your dad came down and brightened your spirits. parents are great!!!

  9. oh thank you Lord you sold amy’s house. and LOVE that daddy.

  10. first time reading your blog…..loved it!!! I know we don’t see each other a lot, but it’s nice to see what you are experiencing in life!!! Keep moving forward…. I have always admired your independence and motivation in life…..and am very proud to have you as a friend in my life!

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