September 11th: Sister or Saint?

MACHINE. That’s the word I’ve chosen for my sister Kim last week. She came to Seattle to help me do errands and wrap things up before I headed to DC.  I kept telling her that there wasn’t much to do until I fly back to meet the movers (no my house hasn’t sold yet)—and nothing can be packed because my house needs to be “showable”. But she insisted that I was underestimating things and had more to do than I thought. She told me that going from 1800 square feet to 670 square feet was a big deal and that I was going to hate life the day the movers come if I didn’t start getting organized. She was so organized and awesome. She woke me up every morning, often saying “rise and shine (song our mom used to sing to us) just to needle me a bit. “No time to sleep in—we’ve got a lot to do” she’d say every day. And boy did we do a lot.

We had some fun too—like the time she found a box with Christmas gifts I forgot about in the garage. “Amy Lynn!! (in my mother’s tone of voice)..there are cards with money clothes and all sorts of things in here—did you ship these from PA because they wouldn’t fit in your suitcase and then forget about these?” Oops. (that is SO me by the work I am SO organized..personal life, not so much) She held up gifts including shirts from my sister Jamie and rolled her eyes when I got really excited and said “no way–sweet–those are awesome!!” She also found it comical that I had bags of old clothes marked “good will” all over my house but had never actually given them to good will. (per Kim that would change today) One afternoon while in my garage she picked up a bag of clothes and said “more good will I suspect—wait no—this says dry cleaning on it. Of course—why am I surprised? Amy Lynn (in mom’s tone again)—did you put dry cleaning out here and forget about it?” Oops. I opened the bag and found clothes I hadn’t seen in years. “Cool!”  She also took me suit shopping when she learned that I started at IJM in 3 days and only had 1 suit. Nordstrom loved us that day–8 suits in 3 hours and alterations completed with a “rush order” for pick up the next day. Those are just some examples from my time with Kim–she totally rocks. And for those of you reading this who are in my community group—YES—she shredded all the “kitchen drawer bills” for me—YAY! (took her about 5 hours in total J)

When Kim’s time in Seattle was over, she handed me an index card with a list of everything I had left to do. Too funny. She then continued to text message me from Sacramento to check in and make sure I wasn’t procrastinating. Thank God for sisters! It was so great to have her there because I was too overwhelmed to be productive on my own. By the time I left for DC on Saturday, I had accomplished so much in just four days thanks to Kim. House was still “showable” but ready for an easy move day. And over 40 errands-CHECK!


~ by amylucia on September 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “September 11th: Sister or Saint?”

  1. Sister – I love you. It made me so happy to be able to help you with your move. I could not be more proud of you and the major change you are making in your life. You are one of the strongest, smartest, most capable women I know – even if you are a bit personally disorganized!! I am here for you always (though I encourage you to keep up with your bills b/c that shredding was a bit tiresome! 🙂 )

  2. friend i love you (and kim too!) and i miss you a whole lot more than you know :(.

  3. Sister’s rock!!! Life wouldn’t be complete without sisters!! Both your sisters are awesome. Love to you and yours!!

  4. Kim is the best with organization. I remember her saying Amy Lynn and Amme when you guys were teens! You have to buy her the book First Born. I bought it for Pam. It is by the same author who wrote The Birth Order Book that so many people talk about. The oldest being responsible and mothering and the youngest being more the social lets have fun one is classic and so much like Pam and I. I didn’t know she was in Sacramento now, is she done at UC Davis? I lived in Sacramento with Juan and the girls for a few years. We lived on the South side. Nice place, so close to Lake Tahoe. Enjoying catching up on your blogs tonight! My mom and her husband got another big sail boat that they are going to sail down to the Florida Keys each November for the winter. We hope to come down early Nov. to say goodbye to them and see my grandparents in Upper Marlboro, MD right on the loop. Maybe we will get to connect then. If not, you are always welcome up here in our home or for fun in NYC with me:)

  5. Mom’s wedding video 9 min. that I took off the cuff when I realized there was no one taking video. Thank God for my flip! It is on my family youtube channel at My boys walked her down the isle. There were just about 25-30 people in a little cafe on the water with sail boats going by. It was really sweet. Missed connecting with you though again darn it. 3rd time is a charm.

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